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The Ark is a piece of alien technology, discovered by General Marder and the ARES Division on Typhon. Very little is known about the Ark, except that it acts as a kind of power source or other essential component critical to the operation of the Fold Weapon.

The term "Ark" is a name assigned by ARES Division scientists, for presently unknown reasons. Its intended name is presently unknown.


The Ark was discovered during archaeological excavations on Typhon, conducted by General Marder. It was the subject of considerable research by IMC scientists, including some level of human experimentation on the captured colonists of Colony G21 to investigate the Ark's effects on organic tissue.[1] The IMC also endeavoured to create a casing for the Ark - presumably to allow for easier or safer transportation and storage - though suffered many setbacks in this progress, resulting in many failed prototypes. Eventually, a suitable casing was developed, and used to transport the Ark to the site of the test Fold Weapon constructed by the IMC, resulting in the destruction of Typhon's moon Orthros.

The Ark's casing being loaded onto IMS Draconis.

Due to his operation of the Time gauntlet, Militia Pilot Jack Cooper was able to obtain the Ark's energy signature at the moment of the Fold Weapon's firing,[2] which would in-turn allow him to track the location of the Ark as it was moved to Typhon's airfield,[3] and eventually stored aboard IMS Draconis for transportation to the full-scale Fold Weapon.[4] The casing, however, would be cracked by BT-7274 and the Ark itself stored inside the Titan's chassis, eventually leading to Jack and BT's interrogation by Kuben Blisk and Slone, with the former expressing fears of damaging the device if it were ripped out of BT using force. However, the Ark would eventually be ripped out of BT by Slone after the Vanguard's attempted surprise attack, seemingly without issue.[5]

The Ark would then be transported to the specifically designed Injector Room, to be mounted in a railgun similar to those employed in orbital defense, intended to be fired into the heart of the Fold Weapon. However, this procedure was interrupted by the sacrifice of BT-7274, resulting in the weapon backfiring and destroying Typhon. The Ark's fate following this incident is unknown.[5]