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Arcfall is a Burn Card that can be called in during matches of Titanfall: Assault. When used, the player will call in an arc-based orbital strike, that does extra damage to robotic and shielded units.


Arcfall is best used on Shielded Units. A properly upgraded Arcfall can completely take out the shield of a Titan or enemy turret. Arcfall can kill shield grunts entirely as well. Arcfall can also stun units, including Titans.

Arcfall is used well if one of your Titans is engaged with another Titan. If you can Arcfall the enemy titan, you can give your Titan a significant advantage in the 1v1. Arcfall is also good for taking out dangerous robotic units such as the Spectre Captain (which counts as a robotic unit), Stalkers, and Sniper Spectres.
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