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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

The Arc Trap is a defensive Boost available for purchase at the Armory in Frontier Defense for 650 Credits. It is the spiritual successor to the Arc Mine of Titanfall.


It is deployed in a manner similar to that of the A-Wall and Hard Cover, wherein a small disc is thrown onto the floor in front of the user. Once deployed, the Trap arms to stun all enemies Minion or Titan that wander into its area-of-effect with a blast similar to that of an Arc Grenade, chaining the effect to nearby enemies. Whilst this effect deals only minimal damage, it will stagger enemies and slow them down temporarily. The effects of the Arc Trap do not stack.

Arc Traps are permanent features of the map that will remain in place until the end of the game or until moved by their owner. There is a 15s recharge time between firings during which the trap cannot be picked up. Arc Traps cannot be targeted by enemies or damaged by any form of attack.

Arc Traps are exceptionally useful to subdue enemies that excel in close range such as Nuke and Scorch Titans, but it is also highly effective against all infantry.


  • Consider investing in many Arc Traps to scatter throughout the common pathways of the waves of Titans, taking care not to overlap them to increase their efficiency.
  • Whilst Arc Traps are highly effective on 'main' lanes, they should also be used to cover secondary paths to prevent any large enemies from attacking the Harvester. Pay attention to the activation warning to be notified if this occurs.
  • Consider setting up turrets to watch over areas guarded by Arc Traps. Whilst turrets are of modest effectiveness by themselves, they can be protected for longer as the enemies are slowed down or immobilized.
  • Arc traps are ineffective against Arc Titans due to them being immune to the stun effect of a trap.
  • Arc Traps can be especially useful against Nuke Titans as they will completely remove a Titan's bodyshield, leaving them vulnerable to critical hits.