The Arc Tool, or Beacon Substation Tool,[1] is a Pilot secondary weapon in Titanfall 2. It is used to gain base access. Carried by MRVN service robots in IMC facilities, it is used to fire an arc of energy into specially designed ports in machinery to charge it or to toggle its functions.


The Arc Tool has a similar HUD display to the Smart Pistol, and will fire a powerful beam of electricity, short-circuiting anything in its path. It is more of a tool than a weapon in the campaign.

It can be used to activate or move various platforms in The Beaconactivate Stalker charging station ports to convert them to your side, open doors, activate elevators, and electrocute enemies.


  • According to BT-7274, the Arc Tool's power output is at 5 megajoules.
    • Interestingly, megajoules are not a unit of power, but a unit of energy, or power multiplied by time. The appropriate unit would be megawatts. This is most likely an error in the script.



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