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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Arc Titans are specialised Titans encountered as enemies in the gamemode Frontier Defense. They take the form of Stryders equipped with Arc Cannons and Arc Fields. Their defensive auras make Rodeo strategies impossible as any enemies that get close will be shocked by the arc energy, and their arc-based loadout is incredibly effective at stripping shields of player Titans and the Harvester.

In Titanfall 2, Arc Titans appear in the Frontier Defense mode and use Ronin as their base model. Whilst this means they no longer possess the Arc Cannon, they do have the Leadwall and Broadsword, along with Ronin's other special abilities. Whilst Arc Titans are fragile and poor at long-range combat, they can stagger and stun Titans using their various electrical abilities, and deflect or evade incoming attacks with Sword Block and Phase Dash. They also make frequent use of Arc Wave.

They lose their Arc Field after they are doomed.


  • Don't get close to Arc Titans if you can help it - their Arc Fields and close-range abilities will quickly kill you as a Pilot or Titan. Try to engage them at a distance and, in Titanfall 2, wait for them to use their Phase Dash charge before unleashing any special attacks.
    • If you're playing a close-range Titan like Scorch, try to use as many area denial effects as possible to ensure Arc Titans can't get close to you without getting incinerated. Their low health means they won't last long against your incendiaries.
  • An Arc Titan's Arc Field doesn't protect it from a Monarch's Battery Thief special execution. Whilst getting close to them whilst they aren't Doomed will immediately remove any shield you have, the relatively fragile nature of Arc Titans also makes them easy prey for a quick recharge.
    • The stunning/slowing effect of Monarch's Energy Siphon is also useful against the otherwise fast and agile Arc Titan, along with other similar abilities like Tripwire and Tether Trap.
      • Arc Titans are, however, immune to the stunning effect of Arc Traps.