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The factory issue Arc Cannon fires a bolt of lightning that propagates across multiple targets. It can be fired quickly, or charged up over time for an increase in firepower.
— In-game description.

The Arc Cannon is a Titan directed-energy launcher that appears in Titanfall.


The Arc Cannon is an immensely powerful gun, firing a lightning bolt at a low rate of fire. It can be fired quickly and semi-automatically, or charged up for high power.

When fired, if the bolt hits an enemy or ordnance, after 0.1 seconds the bolt will arc over to an other enemy or ordnance within 7.62 meters, or within 17.145 meters if the bolt hit a Titan. The enemy hit first will take full damage, only 75% of the damage is carried over the next arc, however damage is multiplied by 3 for Spectres and Grunts. The bolt will arc over up to 5 times, with a 0.1 second delay between each; nothing will be arced twice by one bolt. Ordnance struck will instantly detonate, even with an uncharged shot.

Auto-Titans do not charge their Arc Cannon, so their damage is increased by 700% against Titans, doing 700 damage. Also their shots will not arc to anything.

The Arc Cannon is possibly one of the most versatile primary weapons at your disposal as a Titan, due to its ability to chain the plasma arc to nearby enemies, its high charge damage against Titans, and the small radius around the bolt's area of impact which makes it effective against Pilots. Pilots usually die within two uncharged shots or just one when the weapon reaches approximately 60% charge. Its fire rate is relatively fast when uncharged so it can deliver the second shot to finish pilots quickly.

  • The Arc Cannon has limited range. After traveling 48 meters, its bolt will dissipate without dealing any damage.
  • Getting hit with an Arc Cannon causes a visual distortion effect, similar to the Arc Grenade. Effect strength depends on the Arc Cannon's charge level.
  • The Arc Cannon may hit and destroy missiles mid-air thanks to the instant traveling of it's bolts and pinpoint accuracy.
  • If an Arc Cannon hits an active Vortex Shield its remaining charge will lose 10% - 30% of it's maximum charge, depending on the cannon's charge level at the time.
  • The Arc Cannon will arc over to Spectres, Grunts, Titans, Marvins, Pilots, Frag Grenades, Missiles/Rockets, Active Heavy Turrets, and Dropships.



  • The Arc Cannon operates almost identically to the Arc Projector from Mass Effect 2.
  • The Arc Cannon is the only weapon in Titanfall that does not include the Extended Magazine/High-Capacity Drum as a possible mod.
  • Firing a fully charged Arc Cannon at a Troop Dropship will kill most of the Grunts inside it.
  • The Arc Cannon also is based of of the "Wunderwaffe DG-2". From the Call of Duty franchise.
  • With the addition of the R-101C Carbine as of Colony Reborn, the Arc Cannon is one of the only weapons from Titanfall not to have made it into Titanfall 2. Despite this, several concept renders (Shown below) indicate it was planned for inclusion at some point, and a Titan weapon firing Arc Based weaponry was planned, though this was eventually turned into the LG-97 Thunderbolt.[1]



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