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Angel City is a city on The Frontier. As one of the largest human settlements on the Frontier, the city is extremely valuable and is kept tightly under control of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation.


Angel City was founded an unknown amount of time prior to the Frontier War - however, the scope and scale of the city suggest it was one of the earliest Frontier settlements. Following the outbreak of conflict on the Frontier, the IMC instituted martial law in Angel City, massive walls were built and a system of security checkpoints was created to divide the city into many smaller districts.[1] Movement between districts is heavily regulated; for example, the unfortunate residents of the Harbor District, now unable to move freely throughout the city, are only able to view the glittering skyline from afar.[1]

The Battle of Angel City

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Despite the IMC's iron-clad hold on the city, District 12 was subject to intense fighting following the Battle of Troy. With former IMC officer James MacAllan having joined the Frontier Militia and taken command of the Marauder Corps, the next step in the plan to fight the IMC was to gain the help of former Pilot Robert "Barker" Taube - a drunkard now residing in the city. With Barker less-than cooperative, Militia forces would ultimately resort to escorting Barker out through the district's sewer system. However, anticipating this move, Vice Admiral Marcus Graves and AI Spyglass would order IMC informants in the city to watch out for any suspected Militia activity concerning Barker. Ultimately, fighting would break out between IMC search teams and Militia forces, with heavy armour and aircraft being deployed to provide support.

Mid-way through the battle, IMC Carrier IMS Sentinel would jump into the skies above the city to provide further assistance to the IMC forces in the battle. While initially overpowering the remaining Militia troops, MacAllan would devise a strategy to turn the war in the Militia's favour; by diverting all available Hornet fighters to fire on the Sentinel's aft thruster, the carrier would be forced to retreat into drydock. While this strategem would ultimately prove succesful, setting the stage for the Militia's assault on Outpost 207, the Militia would ultimately incur heavy losses by the IMC's hand.[2]

Post-Demeter Conflicts

Following the destruction of Typhon, the IMC evidently still successfully holds control of Angel City, offering to imprison captured Militia soldiers in the city penitentiary (as opposed to their execution)[3] and offering bounties for the capture or execution of Jack Cooper.[4] Despite this, the freelance group of Pilots led by Barker known as the Angel City Elite operate out of the city in direct opposition to the Remnant Fleet.


  • The city is named after the Angel Statue seen in the harbour. According to Grunt chatter, the statue was constructed as a symbol of peace that watched over the city.[5]