Amped Weapons is a Boost available in Titanfall 2. It is the default boost in multiplayer, and can be used once the Pilot has achieved 70% of the Titan build meter.

Details Edit

When applied, the user's reticle turns orange, and their guns are reloaded. Pilot Weapon damage is greatly increased vs all targets; this doesn't stack with abilities like A-Wall, however.

When activated, it will last for 30 seconds before resetting your weapons back to normal. Prior to The War Games, the boost would be applied to weapons and remain on them permanently even if they were dropped and picked up again.

Frontier Defense Edit

In Frontier Defense, Amped Weapons as a boost available for purchase in the Armory for 100 Credits. This version of Amped Weapons behaves similarly to its launch counterpart, and will not expire until the player's death. Considering its low cost and high utility, buying an Amped Weapons with some spare Credits is highly recommended - when paired with multi-role weapons such as the SMR or Thunderbolt, Amped Weapons will melt through enemy Titans and Reapers, and will build Titan meter extremely quickly.