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Airbase Sierra is an airbase established by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation on the fourth moon of Demeter.[1] Sierra is the location of the map Airbase and the campaign mission "The Three Towers." Elements of this base were later used to inform the design of the War Games simulation utilised by Pilots following the Battle of Demeter.

History Edit

Airbase Sierra was established on a moon of Demeter, for the purpose of defending the critical refuelling station. As the largest installation ever constructed on the Frontier,[2] and the single-largest concentration of IMC power in the region,[1] the airbase is a critically important location for the IMC's war effort. It is protected by a dedicated fleet, large enough to outnumber the entire total combined Militia fleet[1] alone. This fleet includes IMC Carriers such as IMS Solaris alongside many wings of aircraft.

The base additionally has static defense options including Heavy Anti-Air Turrets. However, perhaps the most important aspect of the base's defensive measures are the three Repulsor Towers designed to repel the moon's hostile wildlife, such as Leviathans and Flyers.

The aforementioned creatures, originally from the planet Leviathan, were transported to the base via panspermia experiments (the process of artificially transplanting life forms from one planet to another), possibly for use as defense against external attacks. The Flyers migrate every six hours, rendering local airspace unusable due to the swarms' tendancy to rip apart any fighter that attempts to leave, without the existence of the towers.

Destruction Edit

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The base was destroyed by elements of the Marauder Corps shortly before the Battle of Demeter. Utilising the data recovered from the assault on Base Golden, a covert ops squad led by Sarah was able to infiltrate the base and bring down the Repulsor Towers protecting it. The base was overrun within seven hours of the battle, with only 30% of the fleet stationed there able to contribute to the defense of Demeter.[1]

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