Active Radar Pulse is a Pilot Tactical Ability that appears in Titanfall. It allows for temporary vision of allies and enemies through walls. Enemies will appear red and allies will appear blue. Cloaked Pilots will not show up. They are not shown constantly, but in a series of quick pulses. The effect lasts for 7.5 seconds, 15 seconds with Aural Implant, and for your Pilot's life with Echo Vision. It takes about 14.29 seconds for this to recharge, about 9.53 seconds when using Power Cell.

Burn CardsEdit

Active Radar Pulse can be replaced with a longer lasting one with Aural Implant, activated permanently for your lifespan with Echo Vision or activated randomly periodically with Packet Sniffer.


  • Active Radar Pulse is similar to the Promethean Vision Armor Ability seen in Halo 4 of the Halo series of games.