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An Acolyte Pod is an ordnance pod attached to a Titan via a mechanical armature mounted at the rear. They are used on a large number of different chassis, most notably the Vanguard, Monarch and Tone, acting as a storage and deployment system for a variety of ordnance including Multi-Target Missile System, Rocket Salvo, Sonar Lock, Salvo Core and Tracking Rockets.


Multi-Target Missile System

The Multi-Target Missile System (MTMS) is a missile system designed to lock onto a number of targets, with each missile getting a different lock, allowing the operator to "paint" an area before firing. Once firing, the pod will fire a corresponding amount of missiles to locks acquired, with each missile tracking its own target. Multiple locks can be painted on large targets such as Titans or Reapers. Vanguard-class Titans equipped with the Expedition loadout can lock onto infantry targets, while other Titans such as the Atlas or Monarch may only lock onto large targets.

The missiles reload individually, and the system can be fired as long as at least one is in the rack.

Rocket Salvo

Rocket Salvo, available to the Monarch, fires six (twelve with Missile Racks) dumb-fire missiles in a salvo.

Salvo Core

The Salvo Core, available to the Tone-class Titan, allows the Tone to fire 48 (72 with Salvo Core Barrage) wire-guided missiles in a massive salvo. The missiles will track the operator's aim.

Sonar Lock

The Acolyte Pod can be equipped to fire a Sonar Lock, which will then reveal the area around the user.

While the Acolyte is deployed, the operator will not be able to fire their Primary weapon, though Tactical options are still available.

Similar Weapon Systems

Other Titans use similar pieces of equipment for the purpose of deploying ordnance. They are mounted on similar mechanical arms linked to the back of the Titan in question, though differ in appearance.

Northstar Missile Pods

The Northstar/Brute chassis uses a similar type of launcher, which is used to deploy Cluster Missiles and Flight Core, along with Brute's Multi-Target Missile System.Capacity is 10.

Energy Projector

Ion and Monarch both have an energy projector which is identically mounted to the Acolyte Pod. It is used to fire Laser Shot and Energy Siphon.


  • There seems to be a graphic glitch when deploying Acolyte Pods in the campaign, when inside BT-7274 the arm connecting the pod to the chassis is on the left or right side, while when outside BT it is connected by the bottom.
  • Any Titans that utilise Acolyte Pods in gameplay only ever launch missiles from one pod, excluding Tone who deploys both when launching Salvo Core.
  • Monarch's third person model shows two Acolyte Pods, despite its cockpit view showing that it instead utilises an Energy Projector to fire Energy Siphon.