TF2 A Glitch In The Frontier

A Glitch in the Frontier is the fourth DLC available for Titanfall 2. It was first hinted at on April 13, 2017,[1] and officially announced on April 18, 2017[2] before being released on April 25, 2017. It includes 1 new regular map, 1 new Live Fire map, a new faction and a myriad of other improvements.

New Content Edit

Game Improvements Edit

  • Update to the Main Menu
    • We spruced things up with a new look and tiles for news and other cool stuff we want you to check out
  • Max Generation increase for Pilots
    • You will now be able to reach Gen 100
    • New Gen Icons for your Callsign. You will recieve a new icon for every 10 gens you achieve.
  • Ability to choose between Prime and regular Terminations for Titans
  • Live Fire mode and maps added to Private Match options

Media Edit

Titanfall 2 - A Glitch in the Frontier Gameplay Trailer

Titanfall 2 - A Glitch in the Frontier Gameplay Trailer

References Edit

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