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The Archaeological RESearch Division[1] (ARES Division) is an armed research and development wing of the IMC, responsible for uncovering, researching and exploiting indigenous technologies across the Frontier. The IMC sub-section is relatively autonomous but still directly represents the IMC itself, unlike the more renegade Remnant Fleet. The division was founded by General Marder, who still presently leads the faction, and it intends to win the Frontier War for the IMC with its asymmetric and unorthodox means.

One of ARES Division's major operations was sequestered on the otherwise uninhabited planet of Typhon, where Marder and his scientists discovered and refurbished the Fold Weapon, an ancient alien superweapon with the power to devastate entire planets. Marder immediately set to work to turn the weapon against the Frontier Militia, intending to wipe out Militia planets one by one until the rebels capitulate. General Marder was personally present to supervise operations on Typhon, which was heavily garrisoned with troops and orbital defenses led by himself and the contracted mercenary squad, the Apex Predators, when the 9th Militia Fleet arrived to investigate the planet. As such, the ARES Division was the primary belligerent force against the Militia in what became the Battle of Typhon.

Despite their best efforts, the ARES Division ultimately lost the battle: the Fold Weapon (and Typhon as a side effect) was destroyed by the Militia, notably by the extreme efforts of a lone Pilot and his Vanguard Titan. General Marder escaped the planet's cataclysm and now busies himself with ARES Division operations across the Frontier.

ARES Division is one of the playable factions in the multiplayer of Titanfall 2, with General Marder as its field commander.

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