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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

The 3rd Militia Grenadiers were a Company of Militia Riflemen commanded by Captain Cole in the Battle of Typhon. They were a part of the 41st Militia Rifle Battalion and the Marauder Corps.[1]


During the Battle of Typhon, the Grenadiers were scattered across a large portion of Typhon alongside other elements of the 41st Rifle Battalion, including the 2nd Militia Fusiliers. The Grenadiers would regroup under the command of Captain Cole, and proceed to head to the IMC Interstellar Beacon that allowed offworld communications with the rest of The Frontier. The Grenadiers would proceed to take the Beacon, damaging it in the process, leading to the Company undergoing a siege inside a nearby substation.

Ultimately, the arrival of Pilot Jack Cooper would signal the relief the Grenadiers needed, as his skills would allow for the retrieval of the Arc Tool and signalling of the Militia command. Presumably, the Grenadiers were successfully evacuated from Typhon before its destruction.


  • During the mission The Beacon, Sergeant McCord is seen as Cole's second-in-command. Given that a Sergeant usually commands a squad/ section, and Captains usually command a Company, it is likely McCord is not the usual XO but was simply the next-highest ranking NCO following the (presumed) death of the intermediary Lieutenants.
  • The Grenadiers are never explicitly referred to as a Company in-game, but this piece of information can be inferred from several sources in-game, assuming the Militia utilise a structure similar to many real-world military organisations.
    • A Company is usually led by a Captain (in this case, Captain Cole), and is often the next unit down from a Battalion (in this case, the 41st Militia Rifle Battalion).
    • The 3rd Militia Grenadiers and 2nd Militia Fusiliers both utilise a separate naming convention than the 41st Militia Rifle Battalion, indicating a separation in regards to purpose and/ or size.
    • Given that Special Operation 217 was originally planned to be a short operation encountering light resistance, it makes sense that the Militia only sent one Battalion (roughly 300-800 infantry) to support SRS ground operations.


  1. While never explicitly stated, the Grenadiers' status as a Company within the 41MRB can be inferred. See Trivia section for details.