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• 1/23/2017

Faction boosts

Unlocked at generation 10 and can only be used whal the faction is equipped
Srs:sere kit ejecting from a doomed titan whal active will provide a smart pistol and make the next titan you embark have assault chip as well as what they have equipped ( dissapears on death, one per match )
Apex predators : a weaker amped weapons that can be passed to allies In the form of a calling card
Vinson dynamics: summons 4 enhanced stalkers activate again for them to teleport to you
Angel city elite: barker picks you up on next 3 ejects drops you off where you choose
6-4: 30 sec speed boost that stacks with kills
Ares: gives titan regenerating over shield for 60 sec
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• 4/16/2017
Do you know how the S.E.R.E kit is only in the Vanguard class titans? Also, that's not the SRS, but the Maraduer Corps. And your whole idea is unbalanced and useless
• 4/17/2017
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