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• 1/19/2017

New execution/termination ideas

If there were any new executions and terminations, what do you wish they looked like?
I wish there was a termination for scorch where he rips the enemy pilot out, and incinerates the pilot with the heat shield.
A termination similar to Kane's introduction would be wicked, with you opening the hatch on Scorch, and doing a throat slit with your thumb or something similar, before crushing or throwing the pilot.

Regarding the executions, I want something starting in a tap on the shoulder, transitioning into a crotch kick, and ending in a knee to the head/a headbutt transitioning into another move.

NOTE: I accidentally put this in the titans section, I was going to put it in gameplay/general section
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• 1/19/2017
It would be awesome if the ronin would impale the titan, raise it in the air with its sword then slam it on the ground behind him. That would be a cool termination
• 1/20/2017
Yes, yes it would
• 1/20/2017
I like your termination shooter
• 4/12/2017
For the holopilot themed execution I want to have your pilot spawn two holograms that proceed beat the crap out of your victim with you
I also want a termination where northstar rips the pilot out of the Titan and then throws the pilot up and bats it like it were baseball with her rail gun
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