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• 1/16/2017

New Titan Idea

Name: Rampart

Chassis Class: Ogre

Visuals: A bigger, yet sleeker Ogre, with a large shield on it's arm.

General Info: Playstyle: Slow, Highest amount of armor and health of any Titan in-game, locked into melee combat, not meant to use Dash.

Primary Weapon: Bulwark, an arm-length shield. Does much higher melee damage, but swings slower.

Defensive Ability: Escutcheon: Blocks 80% of most types of damage. Most attacks ricochet off of the shield, potentially hitting other targets. Lasers are only 20% absorbed by the shield and contact explosives (Such as rockets) do not ricochet, and are only 10% absorbed.

Utility: Drone: Spawn a small drone that protects Rampart from being rodeo'd with an anti-personnel shotgun. Also slowly repairs Rampart over time.

Offensive Ability: Charge: Rampart lunges forward, hitting an enemy for double his normal melee damage.

Core Ability: Suicide Core: Pilot gets ejected from the Rampart as it charges forward, exploding in a nuclear blast soon after. If an enemy Titan is charged into with the Suicide Core, a special Execution will trigger, where Rampart bear hugs the enemy Titan before exploding.

Ability Modifiers:
Jacked: When Suicide core is used, Rampart runs twice as far, and the explosion is 50% bigger.

Stampede: Charge travels further, also dealing triple Rampart's normal melee damage, instead of double.

Versatility: The Drone repairs faster, has a shorter duration, and gains a longer ranged anti-personnel rifle, being able to defend against Pilots within the Rampart's melee range. Also, if no enemy Pilots are around, but a Titan is, it will shoot the Titan's critical spot.

Amped Escutcheon: Projectiles that ricochet off of the Bulwark are amped and are more likely to hit the enemy that shot them. Lasers, including Ion's Laser Core, are 80% absorbed by the shield, and contact explosives are 50% absorbed.

Titanfall Modifier:
Preparedness: Rampart takes four extra seconds to hit the ground, but always spawns with a battery shield.
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• 1/17/2017
I made an idea for a similar titan, The Fort, a while back.
• 1/19/2017
This titan seems so cool! But I doubt it will show in game if you suggest it to respawn unless they add more story with new titans in it or well.
• 1/19/2017
I agree with James
• 1/20/2017
DUDE this is an amazing idea! I find the Core ability and Bear-hug execution to be the coolest thing about Rampart. Cool idea!
• 1/20/2017
I love this, respawn please
• 1/20/2017
Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

And @ShooterMcDank420, Yeah, I saw your post too, I really like your Titan's Defensive ability. I think it's way better than mine. :P
• 1/26/2017
Great idea,but name sucide core to something like nuke core. Also the shield's ricochet sounds a bit too over-powered
• 2/8/2017
Awesome, and it's simular to fort, and fort is awesome too
• 6/13/2017
I like it its a lot like Reinhardt from overwatch
• 6/14/2017
I like Reinhardt so it's a cool idea
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