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• 1/7/2017

Titan creation...cause why not

If DE in warframe made fanmade warframes why not try to see if miracles can happen.

Name: Blitz

OS voice: male

Chassis: Atlas-based titan

Main weapon: Arc cannon from Titanfall 1 (bring it back)

Defensive: Disruptor (hand sends forth disrupting arc energy that disables and detonates explosives mid-flight. It can also slow down and slightly damage enemies that get in range of the ability.)

Tactical: EMP (shoots out destroyable emp that disables titan defensive abilities) has limited range and time of emp.

Ordnance: Arc Mine (sets out a mine that detonates when enemies get in range. The mine detonates with an explosive arc blast that kills pilots and injures titans)

Core: Overload (send fist into ground, kind of like reaper animation, that disables nearby enemy titans, rendering them motionless. Deals no damage only disables titans. Limited range and time down.

Edits will come soon for kits and names if idea seems decent.
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• 1/8/2017
I like it, finally someone else isn't a noob at making titans, I like the idea of your core, it's mainly like scorchs core but more useful, it is definitely a complex Titan like ion, but yours seems more focused on disabling the enemy while attacking at the same time 👌
• 1/8/2017
You deserve cosmic brownies for being awesome at this
• 1/8/2017
Thx...I saw the other Paladin titan post and thought "Why not try and make a better titan!"
• 1/8/2017
Ya, then he got angry at me, I hate it when people think I'm a hater, just because I say there missing something
• 1/13/2017
2 kit ideas so far:

Robot army: shooting enemy robots with arc cannon will convert them to your side and they will follow you.

Jammer: EMP jams enemy radars within range.
• 1/14/2017
I love the hacking idea
• 1/19/2017
Love the kit ideas
• 6/13/2017
I like it it sounds awesome!
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