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• 12/30/2016

The other problem with tone

This isn't really a problem with her as a titan other than being op but I always wanna play her but because everyone thinks she's op I don't cause I feel bad so I play legion because that the only other titan I'm decent with and it sucks balls.
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• 12/30/2016
Legions top 2
• 12/31/2016
Legion is 3rd behind Ion

I hear your problem I have the exact same but when you go into matches no one calls you out about it or judges you, there is no problem with doing it unless your friends have a grudge agianst Tone
• 1/7/2017
Go to Titan fall legends so you can learn to kick ass with all of the titans
• 1/8/2017
Plus tone has a huge weakness
• 1/21/2017
Scorch is a beast
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