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• 12/29/2016

Support and/or medic Titan, suggestions core, weapons, abilities

I'm interested in your ideas for a titan, I'm thinking a heavy titan with a weapon that deploys explosives that explode on contact, ordnance would be a trap that latches on to surfaces and launches a grapple or a stalker to steal a battery and returns it to the trap where a friendly titan can use it. Tactical would deploy a cloud of nanites like electric smoke but heals half a bar of health but only once or twice in a titans life. Defensive would be giving a particle gun shield to all near by titans. No idea what core would be, wanna hear your ideas
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• 12/30/2016
What about a pilot tactical that gives a weak version of stim to nearby allies
• 1/8/2017
Ya, something like that, something supportive, tone is supportive with his particle wall and Northstar with his tether traps, but I do agree, we need more support
• 6/13/2017
There rly needs to be some kind of support aspect for tf2
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