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• 12/20/2016

[Ps4]Looking for people (preferred with Mic)

Like the title says, I'm looking for active people, to play titanfall 2 with. I'm quite new, and looking for a mentor and just some buddy's, if you're interested, leave your psn add in the comments
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• 12/26/2016
Ill be on later
• 2/2/2017
I'm a Gen 5 Pilot (basically prestige from Call of Duty) with two days worth of playtime and I'd love to mentor a new-ish player. I like to think I'm halfway decent at pilot movement, so I can try to teach you what little I know. I'm also not too bad at LTS so I'll help with that too.

If my offer interests you in any way, my PSN is: jmbeyes
Just be sure to add a message saying where you're from in your friend request, I tend to delete friend requests from people I don't know.

Side note: Even if you don't accept my offer, I recommend looking up a youtuber named FrothyOmen. He has guides and tier lists and other good content for new and expirienced players alike.

(All hail the Firelord, Scorch)
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