You probably shouldn't listen to me

I don't have the game yet but from the gameplay I've watched ( mainly of frothyomen check out his YouTube ) I've seen a lot of balance issues
1. make holo pilot have ai and use movement but also not blow up when hitting a surface
2. Viper thrusters should also affect the flight ability instead of just the core
3. Make l-star do anything at all
4. Make electroball do anything at all
5. A wall should be destructible but have a lot of health
6. The wall boost should either be bigger or have multiple charges or both
7. Grapple should be faster
8. I'm the only person who will ever think this because I like helping my team more than getting a lot of kills but a supportive tactical would be nice, although it would probably be defensive because pulse blade helps the team offensively
Also this forum should have a game balance section