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• 12/9/2016


Which gun is best used for taking Down titans I am currently using the archer rocket, and the best tactic thanks
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• 12/10/2016
Alright pilot, personally, I'd avoid titans at all times until I can kill enough to call in my own titan and fight fire with fire, but seeing as how yanking batteries/stuffing grenades down the pipe is the fastest way to earn a titan, I'll share a few of my personal tactics. Plan A is to grab an Archer with a friend. One hit will give you about 15-20% to your titan, two hits will probably knock out a third of the titan's health. If you're up against a Tone, Ion, or Northstar, bring an A-Wall or cloak. Plan B is bringing arc grenades, grappling hooks, and low profile (save up 225 credits and buy it, total worth). Jump on a titan (make sure he doesn't see you) and yank his battery. Once you're clear, throw an arc grenade to disorient the titan, then grapple the hell out of there. An optional step is to grapple back on, but the titan probably knows your there and will want his battery back. If you can get a grenade down the pipe without the titan popping smoke, do it. You'll probably get 90% of your titan progress completed if not get it all together. Try these two tactics out and let me know how they work for another pilot. Good luck.
• 12/19/2016
Charge rifle and mlg are good
• 12/19/2016
Yeah Iam agreeing with the second person titans arnt really dangerous on foot jump on them and hoop it god the person controlling it doesn't now how to get u off
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