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• 12/8/2016

Titanfall 2 Campaign.

I have and love Titanfall 2. I was so excited when i got to pre order it for my b - day this year. Once i obtained it, i played the campaign and finished it in one day. Now i am going to rant about it. The campaign was amazing considering they didnt add it in the first game. But i hated how the levels were to short and that they only had 9 of them. And also how my favorite Chronometer Canines died. I see how they didnt want BT to give Jack Cooper his data eye thingy again, but yet they had to have him die?! I was angry. Its just terrible. Because after you escape with Sarah from the end zone, correct me if i am worng, but Jack clearly states:" They said that they would get me another titan. I dont want another one, though." Why? Like after all, they came a long way. When Ash (i think. Doing this by memory.) was about to kill BT, all Jack could do was watch his long life friend get shot. They (apex predators) did only chain his hands. The man has the strongest kick in the world. Why didnt he just kick the guards and steal their gun? You would all say that the man kept on aiming the gun at his head. I mean when he wasnt pointing at him. But he didnt. He sat there and watched. Now back to the end. Doesnt BT have la a jump pack? He could have just jump pack himself to the other broken debris than throwing Jack away. Its just terrible. That is my Rant on Titanfall 2 Campaign.
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• 4/16/2017
Life is pain.
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