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• 11/25/2016

Campaign titans in mp

I really want to have the Expedition and Brute titans added into mp.
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• 11/29/2016
The primaries would be cool, however they are not really built for multiplayer. Brute is just northstar with the vortex shield and acolyte pods. Expedition also has vortex shield and acolyte pods as well as electric smoke which is earned in multiplayer. Ion already uses vortex shield as well. If they could maybe give the two titans their own abilities in multiplayer, that would be awesome.
• 11/29/2016
What if Expedition and Brute were variations of Ion and Northstar. If you roll over Ion or Northstar then it would show a tab next to it that if you go over the titan loadout it would allow the choice of Brute with going over Northstar and Expedition with going over Ion.
• 12/8/2016
Expedition could have the Missile System, Vortex Shield, Burst Core, and Sonar Pulse?

Brute could have the Cluster Missile, a smoke screen that is not electrified, Flight Core, and VTOL Hover.
• 1/8/2017
I agree, it should be a version of ion and Northstar, which they are, but added to multiplier
• 1/29/2017
They could be like prime titans, not really but they could be unlocked
• 4/16/2017
They are built for mass destruction in the single player
• 6/13/2017
Yaaasss this must happen, all tho monarch is close to expedition
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