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• 11/5/2016

Everyone enjoying the game?

Hello! Titanfall 2 has been out for about a week now. I played a bit in the beta but don't have the released game. Is it a big improvement over the original? I updated the navigation on the wiki but the pages could really use some help if any of you have time to add stuff. Anyway, let me know what you think of it so far. We would love to know!
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• 11/6/2016
Yes, the alpha is a major improvement from the tech test, it feels lighter, and the overall smoothness of the game is how it should be.
• 11/7/2016
Yes i defiantly is a major improvement. I highly recommend you pick it up. It is worth the sixty dollars
• 11/7/2016
I've thought about it but it's a fairly new genre for me. I've been a mmo player for years. They were all third-person, so the shift to first-person has been a learning curve. I found the wall running in the beta really fun but as a new player, I got killed a ton. :) Really fast paced stuff.
• 11/8/2016
It's all up to you. Sometimes change is a good thing.
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